Mulching Services

Integrated provides province wide mulching services with our 270 HP Gyro-Trac GT25 mulchers that are equipped with 700HF mulching Cutter-heads and Nodwell style captive track undercarriage. This type of undercarriage allows for lower ground pressure, minimal rutting and soil disturbance. Mulchers are equipped with GPS technology for accuracy and efficiency.

Mulchers cut back vegetation for the construction and maintenance of new or existing pipelines, power lines and source and receiver lines. Mulching keeps right-of-ways safe and compliant with industry regulations. Mulching is an environmentally friendly alternative to dozing and burning.


  • No stumps, piles or burning
  • No haul off
  • No soil disturbance
  • Mulch slows erosion and promotes native grass growth

Integrated is also focussed on fleet maintenance, which increases up time and as a result helps ensure that projects are completed on time.

Safety is a top priority for Integrated. Our equipment is equipped with fire extinguishers, positive air shut off's, first aid kits and LAD radios.

Do not hesitate to contact Integrated for your mulching needs!