Cost Effective Vegetation Management Plans 



At Integrated Vegetation, our focus is to provide effective vegetation management with friendly customer service. Integrated provides province wide vegetation management services for Alberta, with a team of qualified and dedicated employees. Integrated can provide you with the services needed to effectively control unwanted weeds or brush, or to reclaim an area to its pre-existing land capabilities.

Integrated can help you implement and maintain a cost effective vegetation management plan. Integrated has a strict health and safety program and believes that safety is top priority. Integrated provides environmentally friendly solutions that get results. Our herbicide applicators are required to be certified, AG/IND/LAND pesticide applicators.

Integrated provides solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry, Pipelines, Agricultural, Industrial, Municipal, Utility and Forestry Industry.

For added convenience, Integrated accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for non-account customers.

Do not hesitate to call Integrated with confidence for all of your vegetation management needs!